"I have discovered how Nordic walking gives you a whole body workout and you go home feeling great. For me, I discovered something new on my 'doorstep' - Sutton Park. A real revelation. I also discovered the camaraderie and support of others in the group. It's the satisfaction of seeing how others progress too and have a challenge in an exhilarating yet fun way."
Margaret, Tamworth 

"I started Nordic walking with Henri in January 2017 initially as training for an alpine winter walking holiday but loved it so much I'm still doing it every week that I can. Henri is a very friendly, enthusiastic and professional instructor who accommodates all level of walker.

My weekly Nordic walk has helped me to improve and maintain fitness levels and Henri has instilled in me the benefit of a warm up and cool down routine which really does prevent stiffness. I'd recommend Henri's classes to anyone who wants to get fit, enjoys meeting a wide range of people and appreciates the beautiful scenery of Sutton Park."
Monica, Boldmere 

"Henri is a wonderful teacher .Her sessions are great fun.She is very encouraging and bit by bit improvements are being made in both pace and technique. After a walk in Sutton Park with Henri you feel great mentally and tested physically. Give it a go !!!"
Julia, Sutton Coldfield 

"I have recently taken up Nordic Pole Walking, and I love it. It is a great way to build up fitness and tone up your whole body. The poles are used to propel you forward so you are using arm muscles as well as leg muscles. The extra push with the arms enhances cardiovascular activity, endurance and strength.

Being part of a group is very motivating and can generate a bit of healthy competition to make it more fun and challenging. A bit of socialising goes down well too, so a great opportunity to make new friends and open up lots of new adventures. I strongly recommend it to anyone who likes walking with a little something extra."
Marian, Mile Oak 

"Join our happy band of Nordic walkers in beautiful Sutton Park, improve your fitness, have a laugh, get some fresh air and de-stress, all abilities welcomed and encouraged in a very positive way, what's not to like?"
Judith, Streetly 

I'm so pleased I started Nordic Walking with Henri. The sessions are fun, and the groups are very friendly. It's great to spend time in Sutton Park. At last I've found a way of exercising that I really enjoy!"
Anne, Sutton Coldfield 

"Since I started Nordic walking at the end of August, I have found that my fitness levels have improved dramatically, along with my stamina and endurance. I really enjoy meeting up in the park every week, and always come away feeling great and with a smile on my face. I feel that Nordic walking is helping me in my training for the Camino de Santiago I'm doing in June!"
Hannah, Wylde Green 

"Nordic walking in the morning sets you up for the day and is a great energiser. Just being out in the fresh air and enjoying the scenery is a real boost. Nordic walking provides you with the option to walk socially as part of a group, chatting with fellow walkers or to walk on your own and increase your speed as you prefer and at the pace that suits you.

I have always enjoyed walking but felt I was not getting an upper body workout and thought Nordic walking would be the answer. Using the walking poles enables you to do just that. The poles help with a cardio-vascular workout as they help propel you when walking and this is particularly noticeable on hills.

Our instructor, Henri supports us by providing walking poles; ensuring stretching exercises before and after our walks; offering important advice on technique and great words of encouragement. She is keen that we walk at the pace to suit us and not feel pressurised into walking any faster than is comfortable.

I recommend Nordic walking as regular exercise for anyone who wants to keep fit and active."
Jane, Sutton Coldfield 

Nordic Walking West Midlands instructors are trained by British Nordic Walking to the standards of the International Nordic Walking Federation